Solenoide valves


Hansen Solenoid Valves are purpose-built for industrial refrigeration, featuring a compact, robust design for reliability. They utilize stainless steel pistons or disc-pistons with Teflon seals to prevent sticking caused by dirt or oil scarcity. Polished stainless steel pilot seats on Teflon discs ensure tight closing, and each valve undergoes testing on a sensitive leak detection system for reliable, safe, and secure operation.


-HS8A VALVE: Robust, compact, and pilot-operated. It excels in resisting dirt, erosion, and corrosion compared to similar valves, thanks to a dirt-controlling Teflon piston seal. The valve body has improved erosion-resistant flow passages.

-HS7 VALE: This robust industrial refrigeration solenoid valve, when energized, opens widely to regulate refrigerant flow. When de-energized, a spring and main Teflon seat promptly close it.

-HS6 Solenoid Valve: This compact, robust industrial refrigeration solenoid valve, with a plated steel alloy body and a direct-lift stainless steel plunger, opens widely when energized. It promptly closes, stopping flow in the arrow direction when de-energized, thanks to the Teflon seat.

-HS4D Two Step Solenoid Valve: Hansen’s HS4D Two Step Solenoid Valve: strong, reliable, and versatile with three positions—fully closed, partially open (10% stroke), and fully open. Reverts to closed during power failure; manual opening for maintenance pump-out available. -Coils and Pilot Lights:Hansen solenoid valves use a compact, watertight coil (16 watts) compatible with all common voltages. The coils operate efficiently within a voltage range of 85% to 110%. Pilot light assemblies, requiring no additional wiring, are optional.

-HS4A Solenoid Valves

-HS2 Solenoid Valve